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D&L Packaging was established in the year 2000 to fill what we saw as a gap in the market for quality yet affordable Food & Beverage packaging and labelling equipment.

Given that New Zealand business are traditionally smaller than their Asian, European and American counterparts, we focused on sourcing packaging, labelling and processing systems that were affordable to our target market, while still ensuring the best possible quality and reliability. We are passionate about the systems we offer and believe that we cannot only offer affordable automated solutions to small and medium business, but also to top end and multi-national companies.

Our range of equipment is extensive and covers many areas of the food, beverage and food processing sectors, while our range of consumables works in partnership with these systems to ensure a complete packaging solution to you, the producers.

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Food Service & Restaurants

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Food Service companies and Restaurants have a unique requirement, which calls for a slightly different approach when it comes to the machinery required for use in a busy kitchen.

D&L Packaging have recognised this fact by importing an alternative range of vacuum packaging systems, which better suit the lighter demands imposed by most Food service companies and restaurants.

We have been successful in securing agencies where we can now offer high quality European vacuum, packaging and Sous Vide cooking machines, all at amazingly competitive prices.

Accompanied by our range of vacuum and Sous Vide bags and pouches, we are now firmly established as a leader in supplying some of New Zealand leading restaurants and food service companies.

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Household / Domestic



A Domestic Vacuum Packaging system will be one of the most utilised appliances in your kitchen.

What other kitchen appliance can pay for itself so quickly?

  • Food is fresher for longer
  • Eliminates freezer burn
  • Re-packs badly packed supermarket food
  • Eliminates leaking fluids like blood etc.
  • Pack meal portions to suit your family, while enjoying bulk buying savings

Keep that hard fought for fish & game in great condition, then cook it to perfection in our Sous Vide Cooker

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