Bottling & Filling

Our bottling lines are best suited to small and medium enterprises that are looking to gain efficiencies and save costs. The range of systems and their options is extensive.
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We offer custom built bottling systems, including single head, twin head, four head and up. The systems can be as manual or as automated as is needed and are ideal for start up to mid sized operations.

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Our fillers are often used in Pharmaceutical, industrial, cosmetic, Biotech, laboratory, House-hold products, Chemical, Food, Automotive, Veterinary, Toiletries applications.

 Bottles can be glass, PET, PP etc.

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Applications include virtually any liquid or semi-liquid products including, juice, dairy products, cooking oils, sauces, mayonaise, engine oils, spirits, wine, iced tea, cosmetics, cleaning products, drinks, dips, to name a few.

Other ancillary units we offer include, bottle un-scramblers, bottle cappers, cap oriention devices, torque metering, induction sealing, tamper evident cap and neck seals, tamper evident neck and capsleeve application equipment.  

Some examples of systems offered are below


Semi automatic bottle filling & capping machinetornado web1 300pix

Our Tornado bottle filling system is an ideal solution for the filling & capping of liquids and semi liquids into bottles for small to medium production, where the speeds are not critical, as the bottles are inserted and ejected manually.
The machine fills the bottles by pump, which is operated by time and fluid level.
This system is extremely efficient and is simple to operate.
Available in either 2 head or 4 head, this Tornado system is suitable for a range of different bottle types and shapes.


tornado linear web1 300pix


In-line fully automatic bottle filling & capping machine

This Tornado bottle filing and capping system is designed to give the best solution
for filling & capping liquids and semi liquids into bottles for medium to large scale production.

On this model the bottles are also placed manually, except in this case they are placed onto an in feed conveyor, from where the system is automatic.

The machine fills by pump, which is also operated by time and fluid level.
This more automated system is also extremely efficient and is simple to operate.
Available in 4,6,8 or12 filling head configurations.
Suitable for a range of different bottles types and shapes.tornado galons web b 1 300pix


Semi-automatic filling machine for large volume containers

The Tornado G model is designed for the filling and capping of large containers on a small to medium production scale.
The machine fills by pump, and is controlled by a weigh head.
This model is once again extremely efficient and is simple to operate.
Available with 2 or 4 filling heads.
Suitable for different container types and shapes.



rinser b 300pix

 Automatic bottle rinsing filling & capping
This Trojan linear model filler is specifically designed to offer superior bottling options for medium to large production facilities and is ideally suited to be used in the beverage and cosmetic sectors.
Filling is by piston filler, with 4, 6, 8, or 12 head configurations available. 

This efficient and simple to operate bottling line will enhance efficiencies and increase production, while reducing labour costs.
This model Trojan can be set up to suit numerous different bottles types, shapes and sizes.

It can be equipped with an optional automatic rinser. An automatic capping unit is also an option.


Rotary table bottle filling & capping machineBottle of oil 300pixBottle of alcahol 300pix

Our spinner 12 model bottling system is in a rotary format, which is better for some factories, due to space restrictions and layout.

The Spinner model is designed to give the best possible solution for filling a wide range of bottles including p.e.t & glass. It is designed with medium scale production in mind and is ideal for products such as alcohol, water, juice, household products etc.

The machine can be equipped with an automatic cap feeder. It can also accommodate different types of filling nozzles depending on the product to be filled.
Suitable for a variety of bottles shapes and sizes.

Spinner 24 303pix


 Semi-automatic filling & capping machine

The spinner 24 model is also based on the rotary format of filling systems and was developed with smaller filling applications in mind.Bottle small dropper 147pix

The Spinner 24 is ideally suited to the filling and capping of a wide range of liquid & semi liquid products in smaller bottles and is therefore the go to system Bottles small cosmetic 204pixfor filling products such as shampoo, aromatic oils, glue, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals etc.

This rotating filling & capping machine give the ultimate solution for fast and easy operation in various small bottles & containers.


         Larger bottles 204pix               Bottle of soap 200pix               Bottled dairy 200pix