Vacuum Bags & Stand Up Pouches

D&L Packaging offer a wide range of food grade vacuum barrier bags and stand up pouches to accompany our Vacuum Packaging Systems.
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Vacuum packaging is the method used to remove air from a pack of food before it is sealed. The reason for vacuum packaging is to extend the shelf life of food items and to maintain the quality and flavours of the food.Vac packed chicken 300pix

 Vacuum packaging can maintain its freshness and flavours 3 to 5 time longer than products stored in conventional packaging.

 Vacuum packaging reduces atmospheric oxygen, limiting the growth of aerobic bacteria or fungi and prevents the evaporation of components in the food.


Pouches web sizeVacuum packaging is widely used to extend the shelf life of many food lines, including meats and fish that will be stored in a freezer.

Reduce the likelihood of freezer burn that would be a certainty when food items are simply wrapped in the cling film that supermarkets commonly use.

Vacuum packaging is commonly used to store dry foods over long periods of time These dry goods would include cereals, nuts, cured meats, cheese, smoked fish, coffee, to name a few.

D&L Packaging offers a range of multi-layer vacuum bags and stand up pouches, these bags and pouches can be plain or printed. Pouches reduced for webThey can be made from clear or opaque barrier films, or they can be constructed from foils, or a mixture of barrier films and foils.

D&L Packaging have a wide range of vacuum bags as stock sizes available. Our stock sizes are usually 70 & 80 micron.

We can also manufacture bags and pouches to suit your specific requirements and printing is available on all manufactured bags and pouches.

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