Tray Lidding Film

Consumer demands now dictate fresher and safer food products be available on the shelf in our supermarkets.
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Tray lidding salad bowl 305pixThis means food producers and manufacturers must be continuously evaluating what advantages their product has over the competition. Tray sealing technology is one of the leading contributors in ensuring the consumer is getting, longer lasting, better presented, safer and fresher foods available to them at point of sale.tray lidded meat packs 240pix

D&L Packaging offer tray lidding films to suit most applications, whether it's for chilled, frozen or ambient temperature food products, or whether it's for normal atmosphere, vacuum packed or modified atmosphere packaging.

Our tray lidding films suit most tray structures, including CPET, APET, PET, PVC, Paper Board, Alloy etc. All film supplied is suitable for conventional tray lidding, or modified atmosphere tray packing where a prolonged shelf life is prefered.

Our Tray lidding film is dual ovenable and is used for heat & eat meals, snack foods, convenience foods, deli products, fresh meat, cakes and other baked products, seafood, deserts to name a few. Our PET film is easy peelable and seals between 100 and 200 degrees C and is freezable down to -40 degrees C. The film can be slit to width to suit your particular application.

Printed film is also an option and we can offer either surface print of trap print. 

         Printed tray lidding filmtray lidding film