Tray Lidding Machinery

Tray sealing machines are available in many formats, with a varying range of features and options.
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All our tray sealing systems below are custom manufactured to suit your specific tray type, size and shape. The trays or pots can be square, rectangular, oval, round, or any other shape.


Bench Top Tray Sealing Systems

Bench top models are usually for entry level tray packing, where smaller numbers of packs are the norm, although they are available in both manual and semi-automatic. Most of our bench top models do die cut the film to the container shape.

The FS-104, 105 and 106 manual models are all manual bench top systems where the film is manually pulled over the tray, the lid is then closed and the film is sealed and trimmed.

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Our FS-109 systems are semi automatic models with simple push button operation and automatic film advance. All these models can accommodate either plain or printed film. All these models do die cut the film to the shape of the pot.

Simply show us your containers, tell us your required packaging speeds and specific pacaking requirements and we will make reconendations as to the most appropriate system for your specific needs.



Commercial Free Standing Tray Sealers

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Our range of heavier duty commercial model tray sealers are all equipped with vacuum and MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) features as standard.

These units are manufactured to a specific tray size and shape and can be supplied in single or multi tray format. Interchange between tray sizes is quick and simple.                                                                              

These units are manuaftured to the highest standard and are constructed from AISI 304 stainless steel.

Vacuum is achieved by either time, percentage or both, using a 25m3/h Busch pump. Gas injection is by time or percentage. Die cutting of the film to the shape of the tray is standard.

Fast and efficient processing is the norm with all our Mini and Maxi models of tray sealers.


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Fully Automatic Tray Lidding & Skin Packaging Machinery

Our automatic Tray Sealing & Skin Packing systems are all supplied in linear conveyor format, for fast efficient delivery into the seal, vacuum and MAP area. The systems are designed for use with pre-made trays, where they insert a gas mixture and apply a plastic membrane film to the tops of the trays, creating a modified atmosphere for the extended shelf life of your product. Our automatic tray sealing systems are capable of sealing all types of commercially available material, to any compatible tray. Also see our Tray Lidding Film Page.

Our two fully automatic moodels are the TSA 626-V and the TSA 826-V, both of which offer the same in depth range of features and functions, the only difference being size and capacity. With a simple tooling change these machines can be used for either tray sealing and MAP of for Skin Packaging.

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TSA 626-V Automatic Tray Sealing or Skin Packaging

The TSA 626-V is a fully automatic, linear tray packaging system, where the operator simply places the tray on the in feed conveyor and the machine does the rest. It can also be set up to accept trays directly from an in feed conveyor from a filling or production line, with no need for any operator intervention.

The system is available in a number of different formats, with 1, 2, 3, or 4 loading stations. It is also available with 1, 2, or 3 loading lanes depending on the packaging speeds required.

The maximum film width is 520mm with a 300mm diameter, with the largest single tray per cycle being 425mm x 270mm. These two models are part of a new range of tray sealers with the fastest tooling change over times yet available, dramatically reducing stoppage times when changing from one tray size to another.

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TSA 826-V Automatic Tray Sealing or Skin Packaging

The TSA 826-V model is virtually the same as the TSA 626-V, but the capacity of the machine is greater. The TSA-826-V is available with 1 to 4 loading areas and also has the option of 1 to 4 in feed lanes wide. The maximum film width is 720mm and the largest single tray per cycle can be as large as 625mm x 360mm.

Features Include:

  • Touch screen PLC control.
  • High grade stainless steel construction (AISI 304).
  • Digital display mother board & vacuum.
  • Vacuum by percentage or time, or both.
  • Gas by percentage or time, or both.
  • Capacity for single, double, triple or quad tray sealing and MAP per cycle.
  • Automatic film advance with sensor for print registration.
  • Synchronised twin motor film advance.
  • Exact configuration to suit each customers packaging needs.
  • Easily interchangeable tooling to suit a variety of trays.
  • Tray advance by stainless steel rods.
  • Optional oxygen pump.
  • Optional Vacuum & MAP or MAP only.
  • Optional interchangeable tooling for change to skin packing.