Commercial Vacuum Packaging Systems

D&L Packaging offer a range of chamber vacuum packaging machines to suit all applications, from smaller bench top units, through to the larger industrial free standing, double chamber and fully automatic systems.

We even offer a chamber vacuum packaging system specifically for stand up pouches.
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intercom range

Intercom Range

Our range of Intercom vacuum packaging machines are designed for quick and easy use in a busy kitchen. Ideally suited to restaurants and caterers, they come in a range of sizes and varying specifications and are priced well to suit this market.

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Frimaq Systems

Frimaq are our premium range of vacuum packaging systems and they are designed and built with a toughness that is not found in just any machine. From entry level bench top, to heavy industrial automatics, there is a model to suit all applications.
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Frimaq Free Standing

Frimaq Free standing floor model vacuum packers boast exceptional seal bar options, from 1080mm long to three seal bars per chamber and built with that uncompromising toughness that would do any vacuum packaging facility proud.
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Double Chamber Machines

Double chamber machines can easily double vacuum packaging speeds, without doubling the price. Equipped with many standard and optional features, the benefits of these machines quickly becomes obvious.
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Fully Automatic VCC Models

Ramp it up another notch with our fully automatic VCC models. Available in an impressive variety of configurations and sizes these vacuum packaging systems truly lead the way for speed and quality.
  verticle packer

Vertical Standing Models

Had trouble finding a machine that is specifically designed to vacuum pack stand up pouches? Well here it is our Frimaq vertical. Simply stand your pouches in a row, press go and before you know it your pouches are all vacuum packed and sealed.
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