Snorkel Vacuum Packaging Machine

Our Air Zero range of vacuum packaging systems are a fast efficient way to vacuum pack and gas flush a large range of products.
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This is a new concept in vacuum packaging machinery, as these systems use a nozzle to extract air directly out of the bag. This method of vacuum packaging is ideal for many applications, including the food industry, to ensure prolonged product quality, hygiene and freshness. The systems are widely used by butchers, restaurants, caterers, food or confectionery processors or packers, or if you simply have an application where an air tight vacuumed bag is required. They are constructed of stainless steel for long life and hygiene purposes.

Vacuum times are short compared to chamber systems, and the system is easy to operate.There are minimal issues with pack size as the seal bars on our standard units are available in 450mm, 600mm and 800mm seal lengths.

Gas Flushing

The purpose of gas flushing (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) is to extend the safe shelf life of a large range of fresh and chilled food products, by changing the atmosphere inside the pack.

This is done by using inert gases to conserve the food using C02, N2 or oxygen, or a mixture of these.

Given the fact that all three are present in air, it is a completely safe way of conserving food without the need of declared additives.

There are three models in this range


AZ450E  AZ450ES  AZA450ES

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The safety of the operator has also been a major consideration in the design of these systems, with the upper sealing bar equipped with a safety cut out bar. Should a hand or any item be in the seal area, the system will not operate. These systems are packed with both standard and optional features to ensure the best possible results with every packaging cycle.

AZV Vertical Nozzle

The AZV vacuum packaging systems are designed to vacuum larger bags for heavy weight and bulky items.

The vacuum unit can be angled between0 ~ 90 degrees

The upper body is height adjustable between 600mm to 1300mm from the ground. Height adjustment is controlled by an electric power drive motor.
Available in standard seal bar lengths of 600mm, 800mm and 1100mm. The system can however be ordered with seal bars over 1200mm long.
A conveyor is also an optional extra

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System Control

The operation on these systems is simple, and many functions and features not normally available on other systems are provided as stanard on the Air Zero systems, from the easy to read digital display to the simple push fibre butons. Standard features also include, product counter, mode display, L.E.D cycle indicator, vacuum by time or vacuum pressure, single or twin vacuum - gas cycles, cycle stop button, front safety bar, seal only cycle.

ISO9001 & CE Certified.