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Sous vide is a culinary technique in which vacuum-sealed food is immersed in a water bath and cooked at a very precise, consistent temperature. The precise temperature control allows you to cook food to perfection, while the forgiving nature of this cooking method also elimates concerns about overcooking.

Sous vide cooking is extremely simple and foolproof, and produces extraordinary results.

Who uses Sous Vide?

The simple answer is anyone who wants to produce the best possible food with the bonus of being able to store the preapred food and of being able to serve food of the consistent high quality.One class of users are top end restaurants-Michelin graded restaurants and award winning restaurants. Sous Vide processed foods are served in first and business class airline meals and top hotels; but they are also just as common in large food outlets and fast casual diners.

Cooking Times

Times vary considerably. A thin cut of fish may cook in a few minutes. Some otherwise tough cuts of meat, for example beef brisket and short ribs,benefit greatly from a very long (48 to 72 hours) sous vide cooking at a medium-rare temperatures of around 55C (131F).

Cooking time is often not at all critical, (within limits) as the temperature is not high enough to change the nature of the food rapidly. For example fish, which becomes dry very quickly if cooked conventinally for a little longer than necessary, will remain in perfect condition for a significant time before degrading. The time and temperature to pasteurise food may be longer than required to make it palatable, although cooking for the longer time will not impair the food. Pasteurisation is not always essential for safety if fresh uncontaminated food is cooked and eaten immediately; fresh raw foods such as sushi and steak tartare are widely eaten without ill effects.

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